Owyhee Rapids Description

Mile 0: Rome Launch

Mile 11.25: Long Sweetwater (at low flows)

Mile 12: Upset.  The rapid starts at a bend to the left.  There is a large rock near the start at middle left.  You want to park your stern on the rock and once you past start pulling hard toward the left bank.  There is a huge rock in the middle that likely will be exposed but at higher flows may not be.  A little ways past that, and hard to appreciate is a HUGE hole where people have died.

Mile 13: Bulls Eye. Pretty much a straight shot middle left. Read and Run.

Mile 21: Read it and Weep (at higher water).

Mile 21.5: Artillery.  Shallow narrow, read and run with long wave train

Mile 29: Dog Leg (lower flows)

Mile 31: Whistling Bird. Current pushes toward a wall on the right.  Shallow rocks do not allow you to skirt right so you have to approach from river right, though at higher flows it is more forgiving.  Face wall and pull hard.  Caution for hole just past wall at high flows.

Mile 32: Squeeze (higher flows)

Mile 33.2: Rock Trap (lower water)

Mile 33.5: Montgomery.  Start in middle/ slightly right in middle.  Current pushes toward left wall.  The glory run is to make your way left and run the slot between 2 rocks near left wall. Easier route is to keep pulling right and just get by the rocks to your left.  In low flow it is fairly shallow on the right.

Mile 36.9: Tanager (lower flows)

Mile 39: Nuisance.  Much more challenging at lower flows.  The river is bending to the left. There is a guard rock on the left.  Ideally, you will slide just past this on the right then pull hard toward left bank.  The trick at lower flows is there is a barely submerged rock just upstream and to the right of the guard rock so you have to thread the needle. DO NOT, however, get to far right or the current won’t let you get to the left and you are screwed.

Mile 39.5: Morcum Dam Follow tongue then make your way left just before you reach bottom of tongue