Main Salmon Info

Launch Site: Corn Creek. This is a really nice, large boat ramp which was revamped in 2017. The sites are overall pretty nice. We camped above the upstream beach where we parked the boats the evening before. It made for a super convenient morning.


Campsite Reservation System:

Below is the blurb from the USFS. When we last went, I seem to recall you can reserve up to five sites. If you are a small group, expect to reserve only small camps: however, if you want a particular large camp and a large group doesn’t request it, you won’t have a problem.

There are several campsites along the Wild and
Scenic Main Salmon River; both reservable and non-reservable. Beginning the 15th of June until the end of the
control season (September 7th), campsite requests can be made after 5p.m. the night before your launch to 9a.m. the
morning of your launch. There are no advance reservations. On the morning of your scheduled launch, campsites
will be assigned and posted. During the control season, you may not stay at a campsite for more than one night, and
you must stay at your assigned sites. Pre-and Post Season camping is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should
more than one party request the same site for the same night, a coin toss will occur with our river personnel.

List of Campsites:

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